Working in Gallatin

Priya Dave and Ash Agarwal
Gallatin to Hendersonville – 15 minutes


Early education entrepreneurs Priya Dave and Ash Agarwal are the founders of Ivybrook Academy, an academically focused preschool that offers half-day programs for children 18 months old to kindergarten age. Though the trip from their home in Fairvue Plantation to the school’s location on Glenbrook Way in Hendersonville takes only about 15 minutes, Priya says their drive never feels like a commute. “We love driving by the rolling hills on the way to work,” she explained. “We wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Kristin Fleming
Lebanon to Gallatin - 22 minutes


On a normal day, it takes Kristin Fleming 22 minutes to drive the 14 miles from her home in Lebanon to her office at Macon Bank & Trust in Gallatin, where she serves as Branch Manager. When your route to work includes S.R. 109, however, how many days are normal? Kristin has been making the trek for many years. She is hoping that the new four-lane highway will make the drive easier. “I’m going to be so happy when that road opens,” she said.


Cindy Garner Williams
Nashville to Gallatin - 35 minutes


Is it possible to enjoy a lengthy drive to work? For Cindy Garner Williams, manager of Gallatin’s Cracker Barrel restaurant, the answer is “yes.” With a home in North Nashville and a job in Gallatin, Cindy is a “reverse commuter,” venturing onto Briley Parkway, I-65, and, finally, Vietnam Veterans Boulevard—all as rush hour traffic travels the opposite direction. However, instead of dreading her drive, Cindy savors it. “Those 30 miles are my time to get clear,” Williams said. “I often drive home praying for people I’ve met during the day.”


John Hannum
White House to Gallatin – 30 minutesWorking-4.jpeg

When it comes to commuting, financial advisor John Hannum considers himself fortunate. The 20 miles between his home in the Millersville/White House area and his office at Edward Jones on Gallatin’s square traverse some of the most scenic areas in the state. His drive, which takes about half an hour, is nothing compared to his wife’s trek to and from Smyrna every day. “The drive to Gallatin isn’t a big deal at all,” John said. “I often stay on back roads and see beautiful homes and scenery. I consider myself blessed.”


Gwen Canfield
Mt. Juliet to Gallatin via Zoom - 25 feet

For Gwen Canfield, working in Gallatin involves a short (25 feet) commute from living room to office. For the last decade, Gwen has been the mastermind behind the beautiful graphic design of the Gallatin City Guide. Gwen also balances a client roster that includes more than a dozen other companies across the southeast. “My commute is fantastic,” Gwen said, “but it pales in comparison to the great experience of working with the team at the Gallatin Chamber. I may not live in Gallatin, but I am so proud of the city.”