Education: Sumner County Schools Keeping Pace


How are Sumner County Schools staying ahead of Gallatin’s rapid growth? Dr. Del Phillips, Superintendent of Sumner County Schools, shares a few highlights.

Jack Anderson Elementary Classroom Addition: Completed in August 2017, this project added new classroom space to accommodate the growing number of students and redirected drop off/pick-up traffic to the back of the building. The additional queuing space created by this project is a welcome relief to motorists caught in long lines on and around Shutes Lane.

Guild Elementary Classroom and Cafeteria Addition: The addition of a new wing will add much-needed classroom space along with a new, larger cafeteria that will make lunchtime much easier for students. Improvements to the driveway and traffic patterns include moving the student drop-off/pick-up location to the back of the building. Expected completion: December 2018.

Station Camp Middle School Classroom and Parking Addition: This project includes a 12-classroom addition and more parking for the elementary and middle schools to alleviate congestion during special events. Expected completion: Early 2018.