Ribbon Cutting: Green Wave Deli at Gallatin High School

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A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to celebrate something DELICIOUS happening at one of our local schools!

During the Gallatin Chamber Foundation’s last grant cycle, a local teacher with a BIG heart applied for a grant through the Gallatin Chamber Foundation to help fund an innovative idea, and WOW, did it deliver.

Introducing: the Green Wave Deli! The Green Wave Deli, which is located inside Gallatin High School, was developed as a teaching tool for Comprehensive Development Class (CDC) students. Students are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the deli, including creating the menu, shopping for ingredients, cooking the meals, serving the food, and - of course - running the deli. The best part? These delicious meals are only $8! While the deli is only open to GHS Staff and Teachers, we took a peek at the meals they're serving up and trust us when we say they looked GOOD. We are so excited to watch as the Green Wave Deli thrives right HERE in #GallatinTN, in our very own Gallatin High School.


, Tabithia Graves and the GHS CDC team, we’re glad you’re HERE, too. 💚💛

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