Grit, Grace, & Gratitude

What are you thankful for this year? As I was recently unpacking holiday décor, I came across handmade turkey crafts from years gone by. Sweet early handwritten words like “toys,” “daddy,” “Ms. Kim,” “Tetzy the fox,” and “my bike” filled the colorful paper feathers. Turkey craft production is few and far between these days by the Baker child behind those projects who is now 15, but more turkey crafts are coming off the assembly line with the youngest Baker. Regardless, the thankful thoughts still remain. 

It’s funny how those thoughts change over the years. If you were to ask my 4-year-old what she is most thankful for this year, I’m sure she’d give you a sweet long list including baby dolls, snacks, ice cream, and grandparents. As for the 15-year-oldunder our roof, his list would certainly include basketball, friends, running, and video games. As we mature we’re still thankful for all the extras, but we realize just how fortunate we really are to have all the basics – clean water, nutritious food, warm homes, and a family to love and lean on.

As a community leader, I often hear or read of the “things” folks wish Gallatin had to offer. I’m a firm believer in dreaming big and thinking large, but, I think it’s often forgotten to be thankful for what we do have rather than focus so much on what we don’t. So, here’s some Gallatin Gratitude this Thanksgiving!

Healthcare. Not only does Gallatin have a community-focused hospital with ever-expanding services in our zip code, we have a long list of other healthcare options right here, close to home. Two emergency rooms in Gallatin, facilities that offer urgent and after hours care, and options that serve your needs whether they be pediatric, dental, chiropractic, or even more on the holistic side of things. Can’t find it in the 37066? Our proximity to Nashville allows us easy access to even more phenomenal health care options in the region.

Education. It’s not news that the local Sumner County Schools are top-notch, with several recent accolades for added programs and student performance. In Gallatin alone, your K-12 student has access to STEM programs, a variety of hands-on educational opportunities, and the choice to attend a public or private school. And, post-high school education opportunities in our City have never been better, with Volunteer State and Welch College both here. 

Non-Profits. Have a need? Chances are a non-profit that calls Gallatin home can help! Whether it be a child you know, a senior that needs assistance, or a furry friend, our local non-profits serve our community so well. 

Dining. If food is your fancy, Gallatin is your place. We have a number of establishments in which to break bread – a good mix of flavors, including popular chains and unique local eateries.

Retail. You can seriously shop ‘til you drop in Gallatin. Whether it be the spots on the Square or the unique boutiques and specialty stores sprinkled all over town, there is seriously something for everyone without traveling outside of city limits!

Jobs. I’m always thankful that my commute is short and I have time not traveling to spend in my home city. If this is a dream of yours, I encourage you to visit; many of our employers are growing and expanding, looking to bring a great worker like you closer to home.

Grit and Grace. Gallatin’s grit and grace is something worthy of gratitude. It’s the friendly people who help without being asked; it’s the random person that strikes up the conversation; it’s our hardworking attitude; it’s our dedication to deep tradition. It’s our unique culture – one that you don’t find just anywhere – that makes us who we are and sets us apart.

I encourage you to explore our city this holiday season and when you find something you love, tell someone about it and spread the word! To learn more about the Gallatin Gratitude list above, visit the Gallatin Area Chamber online at or give us a call at 615.452.4000. Happy Thanksgiving! 

-Kim Baker, Gallatin Chamber CEO