Gallatin Grub: Govan's Salon & Coffee Cafe


It's another Tuesday, and that means it's time to meet another Grin Behind the Grub! Today, allow me to introduce Govan's Salon & Coffee Cafe, located on 116 N Water Ave, first opened on February 5, 2001 - which means that they've been open almost TWENTY years in downtown Gallatin! 

After several coincidences led to their ownership of the building, Henry and Angela Govan decided to pursue their dream of owning their own coffee house. Nineteen years later, they're still going strong: hosting occasional live music acts, displaying local art, and, of course, offering a selection of delicious baked goods, coffee drinks, and refreshing ice cream (and don't forget their delicious affogato - that's espresso poured over ice cream!). 

When it comes to picking a favorite on their menu... well, that's a tough one! Their breve latte with a half pump of cinnamon is the perfect caffeine-hit in the morning, and if you prefer something smaller, their americano goes well with a half pump of caramel and a dash of coconut milk! Are you more interested in plain old coffee? They've got you covered there, too! The Govans roast their own beans, so you can be sure that the beans are fresh and flavorful every time you pop in, and their cookies, chocolates, and breakfast pastries can't be beaten. 

The Govans have been investing in the city of Gallatin for a long time, and we love them for it! Do you love Govans Coffee Cafe as much as we do? Tell us your favorite drink on the menu below! 👇