15 Days of Giving: Friends of Bledsoe Creek State Park


We are so thankful for the great outdoors! As we move through our Fifteen Days of Giving, let's check out the Friends of Bledsoe Creek State Park! 

The Friends of Bledsoe Creek State Park is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to aid and support Bledsoe Creek State park in all its endeavors. 

Bledsoe Creek State Park is rich in history. It was once a prime hunting ground for the Cherokee, Creek, Shawnee and Chickamauga Native American tribes. Once English settlers arrived to the area, the once great herds of animals were dispersed, never to return. The area is home to a wealth of Native American history along with various historical sites nearby. The Bledsoe Creek territory became a Tennessee State Park in 1973. 

The park features 57 campsites. There are more than six miles of scenic hiking trails. The trails meander through the forest and along the lakeshore of the park. One mile of these trails is paved making it accessible to persons with disabilities. The trails are open year round. 

Bledsoe Creek offers two boat launch ramps, one for registered campers only and the other open for the general public. Other activities include fishing at Old Hickory Lake, picnic facilities (the largest able to accommodate up to 150 people) and park programs which provide entertainment for all ages and change annually. 

To learn more or to support financially, visit: https://tnstateparks.com/parks/bledsoe-creek?fbclid=IwAR2_8Hy8n0sDA3REaBzIH1rqbVmALEEpnDlaScOJXpFhiSn5d-RLPseADzQ