Small Business, Big Impact: Absolute Business Solutions


If you’re looking to start a business, experts tell you to look for a problem to solve. 

That’s what Rene’ Vander Wielen and Michael Weber did. In 2014, the mother-in-law/son-in-law combo started making plans to relieve headaches for the owners of small businesses.  

Both had worked with small businesses throughout their careers, and both were familiar with the most common pain points business owners faced. “Technology, finances, and accounting are an ongoing struggle for most operations,” says Rene’, who spent nine years working in accounting and administrative roles at SERVPRO’s corporate headquarters in Gallatin. “Many small business owners don’t have the time to give accounting and IT the attention they need. I knew that we could create a business model that would enable business owners to be more proactive about these important tasks.”   

In 2015, after a full year of planning, Rene’ and her son-in-law, Michael Weber, formed Absolute Business Solutions. Rene’ manages the accounting and administration services while Mike handles the IT side. Their client base includes companies in the franchise, construction, insurance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, automotive, and legal sector, with many located outside of Tennessee. “We have clients in Wisconsin, Virginia, Florida, and Illinois,” notes Michael, who gained IT experience working at one of Sumner County’s largest small business technology support firms. “One client has offices in Brazil and China and we provide IT support for them. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with remote connections and video conferencing.” 

The company also offers full-service and self-serve payroll, and administration services. “Our focus is on small to medium size businesses with 100 or fewer employees,” says Rene’. “Our largest client has 105 employees.”   

The founders are clear on what Absolute Business Solutions is—and is not. “We are not a break and fix company,” says Michael. “If people come in off the streets looking for someone to fix their computer, we refer them out.” 

Rene’ agrees. “We don’t provide accounting or tax services for the general public though we will do personal returns for our business clients,” she adds. “We operate on a business-to-business model.”  

What do the founders think about doing business in Gallatin? “We are passionately in love with our community,” says Rene’. “It’s where we want to be. Fifteen years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined starting a business in Gallatin but it’s a different story today. We got here at exactly the right time.”  

  Absolute Business Solutions is located at 967-A Grassland Place in Gallatin. For more information, call (615) 585-1602 or visit