Gallatin Grub: Los Cantaritos Mexican Restaurant


It's time for our #GrinBehindtheGrub and today, we're thinking about guac and queso! Today, meet the owners of Los Cantaritos Mexican Restaurant, Juan Beltran (pictured) and Jose Martinez.

Los Cantaritos Mexican Restaurant , located at 1483 Nashville Pike (in the same shopping center as Publix), is a staple when it comes to Mexican food here in #GallatinTN. Known for its unique drink containers and the amazing food, this restaurant has been open for over TEN years, and they have good food down to a science! 

If you haven't visited in the last two years, you may be in for a surprise - the original colorful and quirky interior has been transformed into a high-class dining experience featuring a beautiful bar, an enclosed patio, ambient lighting, and more. While the restaurant is still a great spot for a fast casual lunch with friends or dinner with the family, it's also become a favorite spot for a weekend date night: a few margaritas, that good food, and - of course - the stellar service. 

With an extensive menu like theirs, you may wonder - what are our favorite eats on the menu? It's not an easy question to answer, but we love the quesadilla al pastor (a quesadilla made with delicious pork and pineapple) or the guacamole queso fresco, which combines a chunky guac with the fresh taste of queso fresco. You can never have enough cheese!