Meet our Members: The Sumner County Anti-Drug Coalition


This weeks member spotlight is the Sumner County Anti-Drug Coalition. They are a non-profit that provides prevention and substance abuse education to the community. Unfortunately, right now the main issue that is affecting Sumner County is opioids and heroin, along with underage smoking because of Juuling dependance.

They have been a 501C3 since October 2006 when Judge Hunter, Judge Wheatcraft and Att General Whitley started the Coalition. They saw a people coming thru the court systems whos criminal activity was fueled by drug or alcohol abuse. They knew substance abuse was a community problem and the only way to effectively address the issue would be to bring all sectors of the community together. 

Since 2006, the coalition has grown and developed strong community roots. Currently, the Coalition is Directed by Kit Sinyard, and Meagan Griffin is the Project Coordinator. They, along with a Board of Directors and community leaders, work diligently to raise awareness about the dangers of underage drinking, tobacco use, and prescription drug abuse.

The work that is being done is important and couldn’t happen if it weren’t for strong fundraising efforts. The 11th Annual Bold Enough Rodeo Challenge benefiting the Sumner County Anti-Drug Coalition will take place on June 14th and 15th at Triple Creek Park in Gallatin, TN. Click HERE for more information about this fun family event.