Meet our Members: Jeannie Gregory, State Farm Insurance Agent


Our Member Spotlight this week Is Jeannie Gregory, State Farm Insurance Agent. 

Jeannie is a life-long resident of Gallatin. She says it’s a pleasure to be able to help customers from the area and welcomes the influx of new residents that have moved here in the last 20+ years.  Her agency is a full-service insurance agency for State Farm. They offer auto, home, life, disability, vehicle loans, mortgages, home equity products, checking/savings as well as financial services including retirement, 529 plans, and other investment products. Then she started her business 27 years ago it was just her and another team member.  Through the years, as their agency has grown, so has their team. Now there are eight full-time employees (including a remote team member) and one part-time employee.  Since 2003, her agency has qualified for a coveted award, known as the President’s Club which recognizes the TOP 50 agents among 19000 agents scattered throughout all 50 states.  Qualifications have come in bank, health and multiple-line categories.  In addition, as a registered representative, Jeannie is close to completing her Chartered Financial Consultant designation from the American College of Financial Services.   This will allow her to continue to help customers with more in-depth conversations around life planning to include estate planning, taxation, investments, and retirement planning. Jeannie acknowledges that much about their industry is changing….self-driving cars, Uber and Lyft are disruptors to a traditional auto insurance market… they must adapt.  Although for many years to come, they may be unscathed,  they have to look at 5-10 years down the road and create ways to continue to be relevant.  They try and “meet” people in the way they want to be communicated with.  Some customers want a personal relationship with their insurance advisor, others prefer to only deal on-line and some are texters and never check their mail…..they just trust that they will inform them of coverage changes or gaps in their insurance program.  In an "online” world, there is fortunately still value in being able to have a face-to-face conversation with a licensed advisor about what’s important to you, what you need to protect your assets and have investment tools to help customers be able to fulfill dreams.  Their motto:  We protect YOU.  What you Love and Who you LOVE.  Her team prides itself in being life-long learners, so the changing insurance marketplace is always top of mind at our weekly team meetings.
 ‚Ä®Jeannie enjoys supporting the local Gallatin business market. Even though she’s affiliated with the largest insurance company in the USA, she is still a small business owner and knows the challenges of small business.  Supporting local retailers, boutiques and restaurants is her favorite thing to do!

Jeannie, thank you for your continued support and what you put into the Gallatin community!