Legacy Businesses: Garrott Brothers Continuous Mix Concrete


Garrott Brothers Continuous Mix, Inc., a full-service ready mixed concrete supplier, has been providingconcrete to clients in Sumner, Robertson, Wilson, Macon, and Davidson counties for more than 50years. The business, currently in its third generation, is owned by John B. (Johnny) Garrott, Jr.According to Johnny, it all started in the late 1940s when his grandfather, E. H. Garrott, Sr., an engineerfor the state of Tennessee, started an excavating business with hisHighschool-age son (Johnny's father),John B. Garrott, Sr. "When my dad got out ofhigh school, he decided to work for his dad," saysJohnny."Grandpa hocked a bulldozer for a2-cubicyard and a3-cubicyard mixer,and they were in the concretebusiness as E.H. Garrott & Son.”It was 1950 and their first project was pouring city sidewalks on Main Street in Gallatin. A few yearslater, Johnny's uncles E.H. (Bud) Garrott, Jr. and Tommy Garrott joined the fold. Eventually, the companywas renamed Garrott Brothers Continuous Mix, Inc.Johnny ended up joining the business after a brief stint in college. "My mom and dad took me to VolState and dropped me off at the front door, and I ran out the back door as fast as I could," says Johnny.In 1989, with the original Garrott Brothers nearing retirement age, Johnny and his cousin, E.H. (Sonny)Garrott III, purchased the family business from their fathers. In 2000, Johnny purchased his cousin'sshare of Garrott Brothers and became sole owner of company.As Gallatin and Sumner County havegrown, Garrott Brothers has been there to support the growth.Concrete from the company's six local manufacturing plants was used in many of the area's mostsignificant landmarks, from the TVA's Gallatin Steam Plant to the State Route 109 bridge over theCumberland River. Their largest project to date, the Gap, Inc., often required production and deliveryaround the clock in order to meet construction deadlines. Today, the company is going strong, andJohnny is grooming a fourth generation--his son-in-law, Daniel Bugbee--to take over the business in thefuture.The Garrott Brothers’legacy of community involvement also spans several generations. In addition tosupporting many local events and causes, the company was a major catalyst in the effort to preserve thehistoric Palace Theater. In 1992, Johnny and his cousin purchased the Palace at auction and donated itto Greater Gallatin, Inc., the following year. The theater was eventually restored and reopened to thepublic in 2000."You take from the community and you give back to the community," adds Johnny."If it weren't for thepeople in Gallatin, Garrott Brothers wouldn't exist. The people here believed in us and made us what weare today. We are very grateful.

The main office of Garrott Brothers Continuous Mix Concrete is located at 375 Red River Road inGallatin. For more information, call (615) 452-2385 or visit garrottbros.com