Pet Friendly Feature: Critter Clinic


Critter Clinic has a place in Gallatin’s history books. The current small animal veterinary practice was originally founded in 1939 as Arrendale Animal Clinic and later purchased in1989 by Dr. Bryan Bondurant, who changed the name to Critter Clinic after a year. Since then, business has boomed. Critter Clinic moved into its current facility in 2003, and the staff has grown. Dr. Douglas (Bo) Crabtree joined the business as a partner, and two more veterinarians were later added to the staff, including Dr. Julie Becker and Dr. Lindsay Pounds. Companion animals are their focus. “We are a full-service animal hospital that can handle just about any medical care needs for dogs, cats,and a few other small animals,” says Dr. Bondurant, who received hi sDoctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1985 from the University of Tennessee.“We referour calls for exotics and large animals to other veterinary practices.”Critter Clinic offers a wide variety of services including ultrasound, x-ray, in house bloodwork, EKGs, blood pressure exams, eye pressure exams, laser surgery, laser therapy,stem cell implants, and more.“Almost all the cases we see, we can take care of,” says Dr. Bondurant, whose staff tends to dozens of skin-related, allergy-related, or preventive health-related cases each week as well as problems with the liver, heart,or kidney. “We will occasionally run across cases that need extra expertise, so we refer these cases to specialty veterinary practices in Nashville, to the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Hospital,or another university research hospital. ”The practice has seen an uptick in the demand for once out-of-the ordinary procedures, including pet dentistry services. “More people are seeing the connection between a pet’s horrible breath, bad teeth and its overall health,” said Dr. Bondurant. “And yes, dogs can even have braces.”According to Dr. Bondurant, when it comes to animal medicine, the sky's the limit. “Most everythingthat can be done in human medicine can be done with animals.Veterinary medicine has evolved and we’re continuing to evolve with it.”


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