Gallatin Grub: KB Popcorn


It's the first Tuesday of 2021, and we think that calls for a celebration! Today, meet the Grins Behind the Grub at KB Popcorn, Kaneisha Dotson and Brenda Taylor. 🍿

If you've ever been to the Gallatin Farmers Market, you may remember bags and bags of brightly colored popcorn under a beautiful balloon arch. KB Popcorn, which can be found on Saturdays at the Gallatin Farmers Market from April through October as well as online, was formed in February of 2018 by Kaneisha Dotson and Brenda Taylor!

Founded on their love of quality popcorn and a passion for unique flavors, Kaneisha and Brenda use new and innovative techniques to incorporate their family's favorite flavors into their delectable snack, including flavors such as The Hulk, Dill Pickle, and Cookies & Cream. In fact, their specialty popcorn is easily one of the most addicting treats to be found in Gallatin! In addition to offering popcorn at the Farmers Market and online, they also do custom orders for those who are looking for party favors, gift baskets, and more.

In the Chamber office, we like to snack on Caramel Apple, Chicago Mix, and Sweet & Sassy (a mix of cheddar, maple bacon, and bbq) - or we'll get a bag of freshly-popped plain popcorn to snack on! Regardless of the flavor, KB Popcorn is one of our favorite treats - and you can place your order today at!