Gallatin Grub: C&G's Fine Foods


It's time for another Grin Behind the Grub! Today, meet the grin behind C&Gs Fine Foods.

C&Gs Fine Foods is a Gallatin-based catering company owned by chef and creator Carolyn Reed. Although C&G officially launched in 2015, Carolyn has been in the food industry for over thirty years, bringing a wealth of good recipes and great food to the table.

With a menu featuring southern favorites like barbecue ribs, chicken and dressing, chitterlings, and yummy meatloaf, sides including boiled corn bread, green beans, cabbage, and more, and a dessert menu full of hand pies, chess squares, and even tasty treats like lemon pound cake - well, you can't go wrong ordering from their menu! Though C&Gs typically focuses on catered events, you can also find them at local festivals and the occasional pop-up food truck.

At the Chamber office, we've been treated to entire Christmas dinners, amazing chess pies, and all sorts of other sweet eats. It's hard to pick a favorite on the menu, but that chicken-and-dressing really will knock your socks off!