RightCare Wellness & Aesthetics


2018-COC-Right-Care-8.jpgRightCare Wellness & Aesthetics is the next logical step for nurse practitioner Stephanie Urell, who launched RightCare Family Practice in 2014. “In 2016, after two years of tending to the needs of elderly patients in long-term care facilities in Gallatin and the surrounding areas, I opened an outpatient clinic,” says Urell. “Many of the people I met were interested in aesthetics services and I was encouraged to expand my practice in that direction.”   

In September 2017, RightCare Wellness & Aesthetics opened for business. Staffed with two nurse practitioners and a medical doctor, the clinic offers state-of-the-art laser systems that perfect the skin and erase years from the face and body, along with injectibles and other rejuvenation services. “Our training gives people a measure of confidence,” Urell notes. “We’ve invested many years to become experts in skin, body, anatomy, and holistic care.”  

When you visit RightCare Wellness & Aesthetics, expect to walk into a professional environment with caring people. “We may be medical professionals but we’re really down to earth,” adds Urell. “It’s easy to talk to us and share your concerns. It’s the kind of environment that sets the stage for great outcomes.”  

RightCare Wellness & Aesthetics is located at 323 Steam Plant Road in Gallatin. For more information, call (615) 989-7907 or visit rightcarewellness.com.