Gallatin Grub: Sticky Tops


The Tuesday before our Christmas Parade calls for sweet eats, and today's Grin Behind the Grub takes "sweet" to a whole new level! Today, meet Leigh Williams, the genius behind StickyTops Rolls.

At the Chamber office, StickyTops don't last for more than a few minutes - the sweet pecan topping, the smell of cinnamon, and the fluffiness of the rolls themselves make it impossible to save any for later! It's a well-known fact that we all get a little giddy when we hear that Leigh has dropped some goodies by, and they're the perfect breakfast or pick-me-up at the end of a long day.

StickyTops Rolls launched in June of this past year. When we asked for the inspiration behind her business, Leigh shared that one of her favorite memories was watching her mother bake everything from scratch - in fact, StickyTops rolls are made with a 90+ year old family recipe! The caramel, cinnamon, and pecan flavors are a unique combination of yummy goodness (and don't worry - if you have a nut allergy, those can be left off by special request!).

So what is Leigh's favorite part of sharing StickyTops? The look on a customer's face when they try their first bite, of course! Nothing beats watching their eyes light up as they taste that sweet cinnamon goodness for the first time. 

To place an order of your own, visit her website here: - and don't forget to order extras from Santa!