Gallatin Grub: Esperanza Nutrition


With just three more sleeps until Christmas Day, it's time for another Grin Behind the Grub! This week, meet Alex Hernandez, the owner of Esperanza Nutrition.

Esperanza Nutrition, which is located at 155 Witherspoon Avenue (close to Holder Family Fun Center), is a specialty shake and tea shop. Although it just opened on August 1st of this year, Esperanza Nutrition already has a following for their sweet and healthy teas, shakes, and even protein doughnuts!

When you think of business owners, eighteen year olds may not immediately come to mind - but Alex is just that! When we sat down to chat with him, he shared that opening a business had always been a dream of his and, at a young age, he fell in love with health and fitness. It only made sense that when he graduated this past May, he would give business-ownership a go. With that, Esperanza Nutrition was born! 

With a focus on building a healthy lifestyle and wellness, Alex has already begun to form partnerships with local gyms and fitness facilities, providing them with delicious protein shakes and energy teas. Whether it's a Blue Hawaiian, the Mermaid, or even a Caramel Waffle Cone shake, these teas and shakes are sweet enough to make you forget that you're eating healthy... and we've even heard that the menu will be expanding this spring (can you say cookies?)!