Gallatin Grub: Bit-O-Heaven


We're creeping closer to Christmas, so this Tuesday, let's meet the Grins Behind the Grub at The Gathering Place by Bit-O-Heaven!

Mother-daughter team Gay Lackey and Becca Fitts are the geniuses behind catering company The Gathering Place by Bit-O-Heaven, located at 450 W Main Street. The catering company, Bit-O-Heaven, was started by Gay in 2005 with Becca coming onboard full time in 2014. While they've changed homes several times (with the Gathering Place being their current home), they've been providing events and organizations with fantastic food from the start!

With a menu running from a taco bar to a rosemary garlic crusted prime rib and everything in between, their food covers every possible craving - in fact, they even offer vegan meals! Whether you're hosting a party in their cozy event space or you've ordered off-site catering, their food is excellent and their catering team makes every event run with ease. We've even seen them pull off a swanky sangria bar!

Although the pandemic caused many businesses to take a step back, Bit-O-Heaven tackled the challenge headfirst by offering weekly food pickup of their many delicious menu items - all while doing so in a safe way. Even now, Bit-O-Heaven is offering holiday meals, starting with a Thanksgiving feast several weeks ago and now, a Christmas dinner, breakfast, and snackable appetizers! Orders are open now, but MUST be placed by this Sunday, December 20th - and you don't want to miss that deadline!

At the Chamber, we practically swear by their triple-cheese potatoes, but there's nothing on the menu that isn't worth trying... and the best part? They've set up an easy online ordering system right here on Facebook! Their Christmas menu can be found on their page, and you can place your online order by clicking here: