Pet Friendly Feature: Pristine Pup


Ever heard of an organic dog grooming salon? There’s one right here in Gallatin. Located at 154 North Water Street, three doors north of the historic Palace Theater, Pristine Pup is the brain child of Katrina Lamb, an experienced dog groomer who owned a grooming salon in Indiana. After moving to Tennessee in 2010, Katrina worked as a groomer for a local veterinarian for nearly four years before making the decision to strike out on her own. The clever name was the by product of a brainstorming session with her daughter. “We were trying to think of a name for the business,”remembers Katrina. “She asked me what I wanted clients to walk out of my shop with,and I said that I wanted my pup to be pristine.”Pristine Pup offers full-service, all-natural dog grooming services along with short-term boarding, bathing, and nail trimming. “There's a need for a natural approach,” says Katrina. “We take it slow and gentle, working diligently to earn the animal's trust.” Katrina avoids the use of chemicals or sedatives. Dogs are not muzzled or restrained unless it’s necessary for safety reasons. “Smaller animals and those coming to us from shelter situations are afraid of grooming,”says Katrina. “My theory is that if you have a fearful animal that you're then putting on medications, you end up with a fearful, medicated animal. It only makes the grooming more difficult forthe animal and for the groomer.” The Pristine Pup approach results in more cooperative pets who come to enjoy the grooming process. “We make them pretty and we make them smell better,” adds Katrina. “Pets love coming to see us."

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