Pet Friendly Feature: A Safe Place for Animals


What motivates a person to start an animal rescue? For Diana Townsend, it was all about giving vulnerable pets more options. Diana launched A Safe Place for Animals, a non-profit 501(c)3 alternative, in 2008. “We are a rescue-first shelter,”says Diana.“Since we don't receive city or county funding, werely on an affordable veterinaryc  clinic and pet grooming service to generate operating revenue.The company’s four employees include a full-time veterinarian and three kennel attendants who care for animals. “We average about 120-130 dogs and cats in the shelter at any one time,” notes Diana.“Some are strays, some are surrendered by their owners, and some come from Sumner County Animal Control. Some are even left on our porch.”Last year,after nearly a decade of renting space, A Safe Place for Animals moved into its own building,thanks to a generous donation by a local resident. The operation, now located at 905 Mallard Drive, is the largest non-profit animal rescue in Sumner County. “We have rescued more than 7,000 animals since we opened our doors,”adds Diana.Animal lovers who want to donate their time will find plenty of opportunities at A Safe Place for Animals. “We love volunteers,” says Diana. “We’re open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We need people who can help clean kennels, assist with fundraising, write notes to donors, and work on thecomputer.”

To learn more about A Safe Place for Animals or to volunteer, call (615) 451-7342 or