Gallatin Area Chamber of Commerce

The Gallatin Area Chamber of Commerce has been serving the Gallatin business community since 1921.  With a comprehensive and diverse community, we work to support, promote and advocate for our member businesses and their needs. 

Whether your business wants to relocate, needs to make new contacts, seeks marketing opportunities, is concerned about legistislation that impacts them, or just cares about enhancing the community in which it is located, the Chamber is here to help.  

The Gallatin Area Chamber of Commerce serves as a portal to the community.  We are a welcome center and information hub, answer calls, emails and walk-ins on a myriad of topics. 

Referrals to member businesses, networking opportunities, educational luncheons and seminars, government relations and events that enhance the community's quality of life are all provided through the Gallatin Chamber.  

Additionally, we work to educate consumers on the importance of spending locally and supporting local businesses. Through our "Shop Gallatin" campaign we used television, radio, print and theater advertising to promote Gallatin business.  Our Member to Member Savings program helps businesses save money by doing business with other members.  Our efforts created "Connect Gallatin" which provides free wireless access in the downtown district and city parks.  We keep our businesses informed on legislation that may potentially impact them.  We created "Taste of Gallatin" to promote our area restaurants and caterers.  Finally, we work outside of our area with the United Chambers of Sumner County to present countywide events like the "Sumner Expo" and the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce on regional events like the "Regional Business After Hours" 

We are always looking for innovative and affordable options to help our members increase their success!

If you'd like to become a member of the Gallatin Area Chamber of Commerce, please download an application here.